Ana mirinha
Ana Bárbara - Vitória/ES

The creative mind behind Studio Trampolim, in Vitória / ES. She take risks, reinvents herself and moves forward on each new opportunity.

“The more deconstructed as a family may be, the woman in most cases is still carrying the responsibility of resolving most situations.”

Q. What is your work?

I’m a designer at Trampolim Studio, a homeoffice with  focus on creating value brands for micro and small businesses.

Q. Share a lesson learned in your carrer:

I’ve learned that business does not come out of nowhere. It is necessary to surround yourself with people, exchange experiences, seek to be in favorable environments and know several possible business areas. All experiences are very valid.

At the design area having experience is fundamental for your repertoire and for your business.

Q. Have you experienced any challenge for being a woman in business during your career? if so, how did you do?


1 – I have already had to give myself beyond what is necessary many times to prove my ability.

2 – I have had difficulty exposing my opinion in debates and study groups at work.

3 – I felt resistance on the part of the customer to make a deal for a job contract because it was only me (woman) responsible for the process of creating the project.

Q. If you can, how do you balance life and work?

I did not get it yet lol! But I am undergoing a process of transformation and the goal is to work less (with more quality) and have more time for the personal side.

Q. Is there any downside about being a woman at the head of the business?

Like any entrepreneur there is the difficult side of financial instability / project flow. As an entrepreneur woman there is the charge of having to prove to the market your capacity. Outside the work / home double journey **

**The more deconstructed as a family may be, the woman in most cases is still carrying the responsibility of resolving most situations.

Q. What is your favorite part about being and entrepreneur?

Knowing that the service offered has quality and that has the potential to leverage someone else’s business.

Q. What advice would you give to women who are starting to their own business?

Being afraid of is normal because insecurities do exist, however, any business to grow must be risky. Risking is critical to the growth of any business.

For a female entrepreneur the advice I would give is, never down your head to anyone. Always try to strengthen yourself in other women; value business done by women. We live a transformative moment of empowerment in society and we must take advantage of this wave to improve our reality and transform the reality of future women.

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